This can only start with the right kitchen staff, and here at Gyros Gyros, this means employing chefs that are beyond knowledgeable about this kind of cuisine – utilizing not only traditional techniques to create the sumptuous cornucopia of a feast found on our plates but non-traditional ones, as theyll. To that end, your experience with them will transcend the merely visceral; you will revel in the fast, friendly service exceeding your expectations while appreciating why they’re consistently thought of as one of the finest dine-in and take-out Mediterranean joints in the Bay Area.

Indeed, all this rhetoric would mean little without a solidifying menu to back it up. And do they ever have the menu to do that…choose from our wide selection of Mediterranean-themed salads like the Chicken Gyros Salad, traditional Greek Salad, Lamb & Beef Gyros Salad, Mediterranean Seafood Salad and more, and then move on to our nearly legendary gyros and wraps such as the Lamb & Beef Gyros, Chicken Gyros, traditional Shish Kebab in either lamb or beef, Adana Kebab in either lamb or chicken, our Veggie Wrap and many more.

Vegetarian Plates, Kebab Plates, additional Greek specialties like Spanakopita and a full roster of delectable Mediterranean desserts such as Baklava round out the Gyros Gyros experience. What are you waiting for? Join them today for a meal that will make you feel as if you’re Apollo himself!